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All humans are entrepreneurs not because they should start companies but because the will to create is encoded in human DNA
Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Co-founder

Business Studies

Key Stage 3

Pupils in Key Stage 3 gain an insight into business via Young Enterprise seminars.


Year 9 : ‘Blast Off’ - students are taken on an incredible journey, experiencing what it is like to start a business. It aims to give an enterprise and entrepreneurship experience while enhancing employability skills, helping learners to succeed in their future world of work. 


Year 10 : ‘Project Business’ - students take on the role of small business owners with a business volunteer.



Pupils follow the CCEA GCSE Business Studies specification.  This course provides a good foundation for the study of Business Studies at GCE AS and A2 Level (although not essential) and allows pupils to develop transferable skills that will benefit them in any chosen career path.  


The specification encourages students to investigate how businesses start up. They explore the resources, marketing and finance that businesses need and the challenges they face.


Students also examine how businesses grow and the role of stakeholders: groups that have an interest in a business. They understand the role of human resources, the recruitment and selection process, and the value of employee training and motivation.

Important new topics include the role of social enterprise, e-business and m-business. Students discover how businesses can use electronic and mobile technology in different ways. They also learn to apply skills such as decision making, proposing business strategies or solutions, understanding other viewpoints and justifying decisions.


The specification has three units:

·      Unit 1: Starting a Business - Creating a Business, Marketing, Business Operations

·      Unit 2: Developing a Business - Human Resources, Business Growth, Finance

·      Unit 3: Planning a Business - Controlled Assessment


Assessment is through two written exams, each worth 40% of the final mark, and a controlled assessment unit worth 20%.


There is only one Tier of entry: Grades available A* – G


A Level 

Pupils follow the CCEA Business Studies specification at A’ Level.   With this qualification, pupils develop transferable skills that help them to access further education courses or become valued employees. This course offers a foundation for careers in marketing, finance, accountancy, human resources or self-employment.


The GCE specification provides insight into how organisations meet stakeholders’ needs.  Students explore businesses’ decision-making and risk-taking processes and develop awareness of organisations’ ethical dilemmas and responsibilities.


This specification is available at two levels: AS and A2.  Students can take the AS units plus the A2 units for a full GCE A level qualification. They can also choose to take the AS course as a stand-alone qualification.


In the AS units, students explore business structures and the importance of recruiting and training a quality labour force. They investigate the role of financial information in business decision making.


·      Unit AS 1: Introduction to Business

·      Unit AS 2: Growing the Business


Students who continue to A2 gain insight into business planning, and how globalisation and sustainability issues affect business activities.


·      Unit A2 1: Strategic Decision Making

·      Unit A2 2: The Competitive Business Environment


Where to next?


Business Studies continues to be one of the most popular university and career pathways for students leaving Foyle College.


The skills gained in Business Studies offers an excellent foundation for students who are interested in continuing their studies and will have a wide variety of possible career options open to them upon graduation in areas such as accounting, banking, business journalism, finance, human resources, law, management, marketing and retail management.


Business students are in high demand with employers and are some of the most employable.  Every company in every industry needs business professionals to operate efficiently.  Business Studies provides knowledge and holistic understanding that is invaluable to students wanting to pursue careers in an array of jobs in the business world or running their own business.




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